Our identity,
our history

How we work

Our job is to support your ideas to bring them to life

Every day we work with enthusiasm to come up with new solutions for pipe fixing, to meet every specific and complex application requirement, and to contribute to the development of the most dynamic markets.


In addition to Polypropylene and Polyamide clamps, our range includes clamps in Aluminium, Rubber, self-extinguishing Polypropylene and a wide assortment of accessories.


In addition, we design customised clamps and accessories, using special materials and colours. Our objective is to meet the exclusive requirements of each customer and bring their projects to life.

Our Story


New brand identity


50 years of PI.EFFE.CI.

Acquisition by the Foscarin Group


Move to the new premises


First certification


Year of foundation

From 1973 to the acquisition by Foscarin Group

Founded in 1973, PI.EFFE.CI. has clocked fifty years of commitment to providing the market with pipe fixing solutions. Every product and every application reflects our history, marked by an unwavering commitment to exceeding the highest quality standards.

In 2023, the acquisition by the Foscarin Group was a significant turning point for PI.EFFE.CI., opening new perspectives for the future and consolidating our presence on the international market.
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Our headquarters

From Parma to the world

Strength: production Made in Italy

All PI.EFFE.CI. processes are carried out in our Parma plant: from design to mould making, from casting to moulding of aluminium and plastic materials, up to the processing of materials in bars (iron, steel, PP, PTFE and others) for the production of fixing accessories, and finally, complementary operations such as welding, extrusion, milling and threading.
Continuous technological investment in the production area guarantees high efficiency and systematic quality control, even in large batches.

Our warehouse

Our automated warehouse, which covers an area of ​​600 square metres, operates daily with precision and speed, to ensure that delivery deadlines are met.
Even in the case of urgent requests, response times are exceptionally short.

We support the environment

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, but also committed to renewable and recyclable resources: these are the words that best describe our green pledge.

In addition to installing 200kw photovoltaic panels on our facilities, which transform solar energy into a sustainable and clean source, we believe in a circular economy. That is why all our activities, especially our production activities, are designed so that waste becomes a resource. In fact, every production material is recycled, starting with plastic and aluminium scraps, which return to the company's silos to be reprocessed and reused.

Finally, the raw materials we use to manufacture our products are in line with EU RoHS regulations.