Pi.Effe.Ci.: a new beginning with Foscarin Group

At the end of June 2023, Pi.Effe.Ci. was acquired by Foscarin Group, a leading distributor and assembler of hydraulic products, with the aim of relaunching and consolidating the brand in the global market.

A rebranding process that starts with the new website

Following the acquisition, a thorough rebranding process was initiated to relaunch Pi.Effe.Ci. The new website, made available these days, represents the first step in this journey and unveils the company’s new brand identity. A style designed to be clear, modern and easy to consult.

The new content organization allows users to easily find the products and information they need. The website also features a new section dedicated to Pi.Effe.Ci.’s company history, values and mission, as well as a news section to keep users updated on the latest news and upcoming events.
In this way, Pi.Effe.Ci. strives to maintain a costant dialogue with its audience, sharing successes, innovation and future plans.

A future with the goal of growth

The company is ready to meet new market challenges and consolidate its position globally.
Thanks to the support of Foscarin Group, Pi.Effe.Ci. will be able to continue to invest in innovation, research and development, in order to offer its customers increasingly high-performance and high-quality products and solutions.


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