Custom series clamps

Designed in-house to guarantee the highest quality

Thanks to its in-house design centre, PI.EFFE.CI. can mechanically machine clamps for fixing electrical cables, rigid pipes, hoses, and other components, according to customer specifications.


  • For limited production and prototyping, PI.EFFE.CI. manufactures clamps in the most commonly used plastic materials, such as PP, PA, PTFE and PE, as well as in other special materials and shapes.
  • For continuous supplies or high production runs, PI.EFFE.CI. designs and customises moulds for special clamps, producing them in-house in standard materials (polypropylene, polyamide, rubber or aluminium).


Custom clamps are made to customer-specific requirements.

When they require special components made to measure or with special materials not available in the standard range, they can be used for any application, such as for fixing electrical cables, pipes, hoses or other components.

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